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Bryant Park Technologies

Bryant Park Technologies (“BPT”), a subsidiary of Bryant Park Ventures, LLC, identifies, sources, licenses and deploys technology solutions for the Homeland Security/Law Enforcement (“HS/LE”) industries.  Through an exclusive license with Maler Technologies, LLC, formerly Health Systems Solutions, Inc, BPT offers a suite of smartphone/PDA software products that utilize location-based data (tracking) with other custom-designed software modules to allow HS/LE companies to:


·        Track and log the location of field-based employees

·        Allows customized views by management that integrate location-based information with work order management

·        Replace paper forms by having data inputted live in the field on a smartphone/PDA device

·        Push information out to field-based employees based on their location or other criteria

·        Live feed status updates from the field

·        Mileage reimbursement auditing

·        Location verification & time stamps;  Verify overtime (automate approvals)

·        Utilize location-based data to maintain compliance with protocols and procedures


The core technology offering is the PreciseTrax system.  The software is loaded on the field-based employee’s smartphone (PreciseTrax is device agnostic- Blackberry, Palm, etc.) and runs in the background, sending out coordinates at customizable intervals.  Using unique algorithmic coding and processing, PreciseTrax collects and refines user data for summary and analysis.  That data is then unified with other software modules that are custom-designed for the needs of the individual business.  These modules include scheduling/dispatch (utilizing proximity and filtering criteria); Content Management (allowing forms to be filled out directly from the field); Analytics (based on location-based data and work order management); training; and an executive dashboard that management uses to monitor the key components of their business on one screen.

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